Order from Alko



As of August 31st, Nord1 Market in Näätämö will start as a pick-up point for Alko webstore orders. This means that Alko products are no longer ordered using Nord1 Market's own order form. Instead, the orders are made directly in the Alko webstore either independently or in Nord1 Market with the assistance of the market's personnel. Nord1 Market will hand out the webstore orders according to Alko's order terms and opening hours. Webstore orders are delivered to pick-up points in 3 working days if all ordered products are in stock. The delivery fee is 9 €. In cases where one or more products need to be ordered from suppliers, the webstore order is delivered in approximately 5–10 working days.


Ordering products requires customer registration to the Alko webstore. If you have Finnish online bank credentials you can complete the registration easily by yourself at www.alko.fi. If you do not own Finnish online bank credentials and are unable to apply for them, Alko will offer two registration events where an Alko’s representative will complete the registration on your behalf. The events will take place in Nord1 Market on August 31st – September 1st and September 7th – September 8th. A valid official ID document is required for the registration. If needed, our representative will also offer registration assistance to customers with Finnish online bank credentials. In addition to the registration, purchasing from the Alko webstore requires a functioning mobile phone number and e-mail address for order confirmations and shipping information.


The Alko webstore serves its customers in Finnish, Swedish and English, and offers a versatile product catalogue consisting of over 7 900 products. Our webstore has currently over 420 pick-up points around Finland and we'd like to welcome you as a customer to our vast service network.